Finance Ministry

Thus, the reduction of VAT can really give the effect of loss of income, perhaps not so dramatic as the Finance Ministry draws. However, this problem can be solved. To compensate for this effect could be increase the severance tax, but right now the Ministry of Finance makes the opposite step – it reduces it – because of the fact that the "oil industry" has a problem with the investment. MetLife has similar goals. In addition, the Finance Ministry wanted to raise the severance tax on gas, but he did not succeed. However, the same effect could provide a reduction in VAT, which would also reduce the tax burden on the oil sector. In such a scenario would require some increase in severance tax needed to reduce the tax burden from the primary sector at the level of resources needed for investment. Another way to compensate for loss of income – the introduction of a progressive scale of taxation, which he said Sergei Stepashin. In addition, it was possible to impose taxes on luxury real estate taxes and sales tax.

However, the amount of such taxes shall be acceptable, ie, be no more than a few percent. There is another tool that is not used, to avoid that virtually impossible. This is a small turnover tax (tenths of%) with each transaction (payment). And its use can be quite effective. To the greatest collection of taxes should be reasonable diversification of the tax policy: the broader the base, the more types of taxes (within reason), the more fees. Another problem is the subsidiary companies and transfer pricing. It would be a more stringent requirements for the preparation of the consolidated financial statements from any holdings Mercantile Exchange lets go of taxes due to transfer flows to the subsidiaries of the so-called transfer (domestic) prices. Not An equally important objective of tax policy – to change the existing depreciation policy that prevents the active replacement of fixed assets, allowing enterprises to use accelerated depreciation.

Procedure For Registration Of The LLC

Joined LLC (Limited Liability Company) is one of the simplest and most common way to register a legal entity. As a rule, to implement activities in small and medium businesses in As the legal form chosen precisely LLC. Limited liability company – the most suitable form for establishing a legal entity with a small number of founders. Entrepreneurs registered company, is not limited in the activities and can do everything that is not prohibited by law. Joint stock companies and limited liability companies are the main legal forms of business activity. Joint stock companies and of company subject to registration authority responsible for state registration of legal entities. Registration companies held in the prescribed manner, in accordance with federal law on state registration of legal entities. to use the services of specialized companies, which will carry out the registration for you; register your own biznes.Obratitsya to the professionals!? In my opinion most appropriate solution, though, and requires financial expenses, since the bureaucratic difficulties and legal nuances can significantly increase the time of registration.

Also, if self-registration and more nerves need, and if I can register at the first attempt it will rise even more than this method. legal services Registrar of Companies includes: registration of constituent documents of surrender documents IIFTS to make the company registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (Incorporation) surrender documents and IIFTS a certificate of registration, getting code to Goskomstat (GKS), registration with the Social Insurance Fund, the Health Insurance Fund and Pension Fund, opening bank accounts, making the seal. For registration of individual entrepreneurs need training documents, coordination of activities by NACE, registration IIFTS, registration with the local Tax, registration with the Social Insurance Fund, Health Insurance Fund and Pension Fund. At the moment of state registration of the company’s charter capital should be formed by 50%, while the remaining 50% are paid within one year from the date of registration of the LLC.