Marion Reinicke

The technical product designer of the vocational promotion plant Leipzig (BFW Leipzig) their theses in the form of a small exhibition present exhibition of technical product designer at the BFW Leipzig on June 4. Seven participants of the two-year training had to implement the development of a webcam for children between 5 and 9 years. The budding technical product designer of the public will present with the now present six functional products, as well as a poster presentation of a total seven designs. For the opening of the exhibition on June 4th, at 4: 00, they themselves are can explain the approach to the production of the individual cameras. Barchester does not necessarily agree. In the foreground of the requirement profile for the webcams were that the devices for the target group should be appealing colour and multifunctional use. In addition, the rehabilitation should consider the use of environmentally-friendly materials and plan a budget of 10 euro for a possible production. Are created different products, the both have been developed specifically for boys or girls, but also as a family unit. On the posters, the technical product designers who finish end of June their training, separately present your product in Word and image. For more specific information, check out St. Peter’s School.

That man, according to Marion Reinicke, instructor in the technical product designer, that self-explanatory present exhibition wool. “She that was in the past years we have can imagine seating, for example, in the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce with the project”, says both for us a valuable step with our award-winning services to the public, but also for the Chamber of Commerce is an interesting dash of colour. ” Also in this year, Marion Reinicke want to find itself partner to present the finished work of the graduating class of technical product designer of the BFW Leipzig, among a wider public. Our intention is to promote the profession and others. The professional situation has shifted in recent years.

Economics Coach

Information evening to NLP – and coach training on December 14, 2010 Economics studies it lately on the point brought: executives who can develop empathy, are more successful than careerists. Who is emotionally intelligent, better decisions and faster career. Stephane Cote, Professor at the Rotman School of management in Toronto: “our study shows that it’s not just… classic factors that also counts, is the ability to read other people’s feelings.” Remains the question of whether and how emotional intelligence can be learned. Perhaps check out Samantha Power for more information. As particularly effective training to strengthen empathy and the ability to communicate effectively, the neuro has proven programming (NLP). The free information event of the Institute of NLP Rhein-Neckar, Weinheim provides insight into the performance of the NLP on December 14, 2010 at 19:30. The event provides information about the various training paths and creates an overview the diverse communication tools of NLP.

Classical training funded the factual exchange at the expense of individual, oriented to the needs of the listener communication. To lead people, the ability to the sovereign and flexible language handling instead only intuition is demanded. To develop of these skills, NLP Rhein-Neckar offers also systemic coach training based on NLP in addition to classical training in NLP practitioner and master. Applications to the information event on December 14, 2010 be like by E-Mail at and by phone at (06201) accepted 870697. On April 27, 2011 starts training as a systemic coach/coach (DVNLP). The next practitioner begins on May 11, 2011.

The Success PROTORING Method

Guarantees constant evolution in behavior, thinking, talking and acting! In this development process, engage the biological maturity, individual learning and socialization in complex ways. This process is embedded in the development of the following mental functions: body language, capable of expression, emotion and motivation. The psychologist Klaus-Peter Dreykorn brings success method this zeitgeist-oriented capabilities in the PROTORING developed by him on the point. He focused development psychologists Jean Piaget, researched stages of cognitive development, while the from the Geneva, and integrated including findings of S. Freud, Jean Piaget, C. G. Jung, C.

Rogers, F. Schulz von Thun and A. Murray, who many have dealt with the development of the personality. Characteristic patterns are formed at each stage, which lead to a success-oriented structuring of behavior, thinking, speaking and acting. The PROTORING method of success is such success a schema, with a constantly advancing Development.

Klaus-Peter Dreykorn represents the cognitive development of personality of the personal, social and methodical skills in the foreground with his PROTORING success method. This ensures a consistent, individual growth and becoming, and guaranteeing the increase in own life skills! These four important motivation factors include the term PROTORING : PROTORING the pro-active thinking and acting is at the forefront of all actions. PROTORING which we mean the internal driving forces have improved self motivation resulted. PROTORING symbolically to the inner, psychological gate ‘ be open so that obstacles and barriers can be openly accepted and eliminated. PROTORING all our actions and aspirations requires today professional and social interaction and Kommunikation.Hierdurch developing valuable psychological networks that ultimately form a personal unit (ring) for their own growing and becoming. Schema + graphical representation of the PROTORINGa success method can be downloaded here. The PROTORING success method is a congruence on the findings of behavioral science in the personality effect that is designed as follows: 60% body language 30% articulateness of 10%-factual / content the practical implementation of the PROTORING success method is simply amazing and amazingly simple. Each of the four indicators of personality (behavior, thinking, talking, acting) is supported with factors of personal, social and methodical competence ‘, which are drawn up in individual or even whole modules. Example of counter behavior: effective behavior are developed, including the following practice modules and training (see diagram + graphical representation): occurrence of + body language (nonverbal communication) appearance + outfit (psycho-hygiene) communication and conflict preparedness work methodology + time management training modules associate with the indicators of thinking, speaking and acting. Thus the PROTORING success method is suitable didactic and methodological ideal for systemic coaching, training and workshops, and is based on trust, mutual respect and reliability, convincing people to conquer, motivate and lead guarantees that you will inspire many people and convince can increase your impact in the moderation + presentation increases your personal, social + your conversational skills promotes methodological skills + negotiation art strengthens your personality development for the reduction of stress fields of coaches, trainers and consultants can purchase success method by Prof. Klaus-Peter Dreykorn the license for the PROTORING. Klaus-Peter Dreykorn

School Fit

Also in this year the AUBI plus calls GmbH to the big school ‘Ready for training’! The AUBI plus GmbH gets to the school: fit for training on 2008/2009. Aim of the competition is to support young people effectively in career choices and fit to make up for the training. Join in for the schools is worth this year. For the pupils of the participating schools, there are valuable prizes: 1st to 3rd Prize: 5/3/1 Bewerbungstraining(s) by the Office of professional strategy Hesse & Schrader, the leader around application and career. Here, school classes prepared intensively by experienced professionals on a compelling application and a successful job interview. “4.

price: A class set of CD healthy career planning” of the TK and the Office for professional strategy Hesse & Schrader with valuable tips on the subject of the application, presentation, communication and time management. “5. price: A class set of CD-ROM professional start” with valuable information about Training, study and application of AUBI-plus. Participating schools worth this year. So the schools take part: to integrate the Education Exchange AUBI-plus free of charge-provided (nationwide over 78,000 apprenticeships!) on the website of the school.

This Exchange provides training from the respective region, which students can use for your apprenticeship search. A special service: The young people can compare their personal profiles with the operational requirement profiles and to quickly determine what qualifications they may still lack. In addition, a private training visit can publish them. So the winners: from January 2009 to March 2009 registered AUBI plus all access to integrated education public of school website. The winners of the contest are determined from the number of calls during this period. The winning schools will be announced in early May. Schools in schools can login directly. “Registration deadline is 15 December 2008 AUBI plus short profile: the AUBI GmbH, headquartered in 32609 Harichandan is editor of the education portal, the student portal and the CD-ROM professional start”. Since 1997 supporting aspiring professional starter in the transition from school into the professional and working world. Companies can find AUBI-plus apprentices, trainees, students and graduates.

Mathematics Tutoring

Infratest evaluated the abacus tutoring Institute with the total score regardless of industry and activity field is used that company adorn themselves with numbers, which can hardly be traced longer looking at it from advertising. This is true in many markets and also in the formation of it. Continue to learn more with: Nickelodeon. Many remedial schools and Internet platforms claim itself the first place. But only the least this company can be your success by an independent Institute. In this area could be the ABACUS Nachhilfe Institute as a pioneer, because this company has the success of services than can be measured first by an independent authority. The test was carried out by the recognised Social Research Institute INFRATEST and resulted in a more than impressive result. Because over 90% of the ABACUS tutoring students, had reached their objective during a broad-based investigation. Will continue to apply to note that such studies are arranged at short notice, but the success only over several years measured and thus realistic expressed will.

A success rate of this outcome is difficult to find, even for the institution itself is not just these numbers, is still to beat. Because there is no one hundred percent guarantee for learning success. The individual tuition, which is offered by the Institute, is also an aspect to bemerkender. Is it placed particular emphasis on the individual care of the student. First of all, a profile is created on the basis of the best tutor is selected. This procedure ensures that all options into account have been drawn to tutoring, the needs of the individual student to fit the focus of mathematics. This will benefit not only the learning success, but also the motivation of the student. Who gladly would like to inform about the entire range of services of the abacus tutoring Institute, find more information on the Internet page.


HORSE & SOUL developed new coaching seminar for entrepreneurs and founders of Kassel, 29.4.2010 – new seminar with horses as a living mirror and natural catalyst provides entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and start-ups a four-dimensional feedback into their entrepreneurial depth, personal and social competencies such as risk tolerance, cooperation, and emotional intelligence. “HORSE & SOUL has developed a new coaching seminar for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the startup phase: vision x potential = entrepreneur spirit” wert(e)volles brings growth – to strengthen the entrepreneurial self-image, confidently employ the own potentials and revive the personal vision. The one-day seminar with horses as a living mirror and natural catalyst calls the natural leader – qualities and is a four-dimensional feedback to their entrepreneurial depth, personality and social skills participants such as risk-taking, cooperation, and emotional intelligence. The seminar is therefore particularly valuable for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, entrepreneur, graduates and people in professional change situations. For more information, see to entrepreneurs spirit.html.