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We would have to analyze whether making to cold door, i.e. playing in houses and offer different products: ramos, centers, etc., or if we send brochures and look forward to the call of the buyer.At the beginning the cold door can cost a little, since it is striking and it is not usual, but if a clientele is made, you can get a few important recurring sales.The cost of this new service will depend on how has been done, i.e., whether it has hired a new person, if it is the same person who would be hired but distributing best time (devote 1 morning to this service), if it has been made flyers announcing the service, etc. 3 Selling over the web. Develop an online store, where products that are offered are displayed.

You would have to study all the costs that that implies, because we not only have to take into account the development of the web, but all actions of communication and advertising of the same, since the potential customer has to find the website to order. If an annual planning is not done we don’t know what we want, or actions to achieve it. In addition, not may parse what action is most profitable for the available budget. In addition, would have to do if you hire a person to develop these actions or hire an agency of marketing and communication, with which to reach agreement not only to the development of the different element, but to take the management/administration of the web. As you can see in this practical example, in Markarte, marketing and communication agency, we adapt to all kinds of customer and budgets and we don’t close to different proposals for collaboration.


Become a vendor of high performance in times of crisis In the years I've been teaching courses on sales, human behavior, leadership and competitiveness, I saw many men and women wanting to make a career in sales, but realizing the degree of difficulty to be successful in sales, "not give up, and decide to return to the labor of eight hours pay. If you're a seller but has not achieved desired results, but you people who are determined to fight to achieve the dreams, you need to learn to be a "vendor of high performance." It is important to understand that sellers are the fuel for the overall success of any enterprise. Any company that does not invest in training their sales staff probably do not conquer the steps or achieve success if you just invest in its sales. Self-esteem as a pillar of sales A very important aspect of human personality that demonstrates the essence of identity and this is according to ability that the person has to develop into any activity in society at the same time according to their self-esteem has the ability to control their environment, their emotions and feelings. Focus our attention on a single definition of self-esteem: "The ability of the person to value, love, appreciate and accept yourself." In the world of sailing sales many men and women wanting success without having taken a look inside and figure out as a self-esteem, since according to this, so will be your success. A salesperson with low self-esteem is not going to feel able to cope and communicate emotionally with your customer to close the sale and usually lie in the negligence of not going after your goals.