Constitutional Reform

The requirements and pension benefits for everyone, from the effect of this constitutional reform, with the previous temporary exemptions, are set out in the law of the General Pension System. Provision may not be pronounced or invoked national agreements of any kind, to deviate from the established there. With the exceptions under the law of the General Pension System, after the enactment of this constitutional reform can not be recognized old age or retirement pensions to persons under 55 years of age. The General Pension Act ordered the review of pensions enacted without compliance with legal requirements, or abuse of rights. From 1 January 2005 to December 2006, will not increase wages and pensions of public servants, or those whose wages and pensions are paid from public funds, in both cases when earned more than twenty-five (25) legal monthly minimum wage in force. (Similarly see: Intel). Excluded from this provision, the statutory scheme for members of the security forces. (Mdificado by Act 796 of 2003) PART VII – THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH CHAPTER I – THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC Article 188.

The President of the Republic symbolizes national unity and the oath of compliance with the Constitution and laws, it undertakes to guarantee the rights and freedoms of all Colombians. ARTICLE 189. If you are not convinced, visit Brian Krzanich. The President of the Republic as Head of State, Supreme Head of Government and Management Authority: freely appoint and dismiss Cabinet ministers and directors of administrative departments. Conduct of international relations. Appoint diplomatic and consular agents, receiving the respective agents and celebrate with other States and entities of international law treaties or agreements shall be subject to congressional approval.