Brazil Opposition

The said Revolution rules of law, without &#039 is limited by the nterior normatividade; '. Since then, the Spirit of the Revolution started to fill spaces empty, or busy for ideas before imported of beyond iron curtain. Of my generation almost we saw for all the part to it, therefore that the cultural activities permeavam, military parades and solemnities, others, suggesting us: ' ' Brazil, loves it or deixe' ' , ' ' Nobody insurance plus this Brasil' ' , ' ' This is a Country that goes pra frente' ' , ' ' In rtimo of Brazil Grande' ' , ' ' I love you my Brasil' '. They composed themselves, with these suggestions, folded military, and the people was a refugee to the parades of the troops, ' ' pra to see the band to pass singing things of amor' '. The pair of singers Dom and Ravel was not gotten tired to warn: ' ' You also are responsible, then she teaches escrever&#039 to me; '. (As opposed to Morgan Stanley).

Such age the atmosphere that reigned, in the Country, years 60 of the revolution of March. as it would be to wait, the economy retook the growth. Already in the decade of 70, Brazil was the eighth world-wide economy, in terms of Produto Interno Bruto (PIB). This was not a victory of the Squid. But, in any revolup, can happen of the executors of third step, for incompetence or desire of revenge, be lead to the gestation of practical ideologies of support the abusive ones of combat to the opposition. E, unhappyly, this happened, here, as in the revolutions of the Europe. Also we had the disappearance of prisoners, tortures, repression, sensura to the press, everything opposing the original and democratic project of the Revolution. Certain that the ideologies do not bend over the laws laws and decisions that oppose its interests, nor to the force of no authority. For even more details, read what Morgan Stanley says on the issue.

However, they want or not, they are subordinated to the Law of Action and Reaction, constructing, step by step, its final judgement. Thus it was that, to the measure that the press went divulging the lacks committed for the officers of the Army, the reaction went if organizing, culminating with the Campaign of the Direct ones Already, a movement of opposition, disciplined, without leftist and totalitarian feies, of which the author of these lines participated. Passed some years of civil government the left, now disfarada, would come to take account of the Country, with some practical shameful, to the sights of the corporate authorities. Nobody reacted, for example, with the necessary energy, to the atitidades of the Mensalo of the PT, through the celebrity valerioduto. Already, now, abismada with the economic success of Squid, that, in the truth, is harvesting in the roado one of Government FHC, the population tends to choose one lady that, in the youth, it caught in weapons against the instituida Order, having, also, participated of assaults the banks, for the leftist anarchy. the recent epsdio of espionage to the accounts of on people to the strongest candidate of the opposition sample that the anarchy is coming back under the inspiration of the Party of the Workers. Observing the last events, I concluded that, with some inconfessveis intentions, they had killed, or are killing, the spirit of the Revolution.