East Berlin

The wall of the Sahara West (started in 1981), which separates the territories occupied by Morocco of the territories under the control of the Sadr. The fence of Ceuta and Melilla border fence, on the border between the two Spanish cities of Ceuta and Melilla and Morocco. Wall of safety of Quebec (2001), during the Summit of the Americas the israeli barrier in the West Bank, (2002) separating Israel de Cisjordania: it’s an israeli construction carried out in territory West Bank, which has been sharply criticized from diverse fields. The wall between Cyprus and the Republic of the North Cyprus, which is also a EU limit wall gave much talk was the Berlin wall, also known as the wall of shame by Western public opinion, was part of the borders intraalemanas from the 13 August 1961 until 9 November 1989 and separated the West Berlin from East Berlin and the GDR. Wall stretched by 45 miles that divided Berlin in two and 115 kilometres that separated West Berlin in the GDR. He was one of the best-known symbols of the cold war and the separation of Germany.

Many people died in the attempt to overcome tough surveillance of the GDR border guards when they went to the western sector. The exact number of victims is subject to disputes and security is not known. The Berlin Prosecutor’s Office considers the total balance of 270 people, including 33 who died as a result of the detonation of mines. For its part the Centre for historical studies of Potsdam 125 estimated the total death toll in the area of the wall. Fortunately, on November 9, 1989, the so-called wall of shame and Berlin that it separated in two diametrically opposed political and economic realities, began his downfall. It should be noted, that the former Soviet President Mijail Gorbachov (1989-1991), former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl (1982-1998) and former President of the United States, George Bush father (1988-1992), met again in Berlin to commemorate the fall of the wall, an event closely linked to the three person. Fortunately that was deleted, but mankind will not forget what they represented and the great violation human rights, most unfortunate the dead who gave the. I expected that is removed from the United States regarding Mexico and President Barak Obama search for other mechanisms to avoid that this shame follow manifesting, in an era where it is assumed because we have learned the lesson.