Format Printing

Wide-format printing market is large enough. Large Format Printing is available on equipment that provides the ability to print on the material width is approximately 1 meter. Gain insight and clarity with Barchester. In the wide-format printing can be used a variety of colors and undertones, it is an absolute advantage. Large-format printing can be divided into two types depending on the use of: the exterior and interior, each of which contains its distinctive features and advantages. In contrast, outdoor advertising, where the distance from the image to the consumer is often more than a few meters, and even a few tens of meters, indoor printing the ad will explore the close, due to the interior of this large-format printing specific requirements. Large-format printing for both external and internal – is a very simple method to extract different images of great size and use them in different weather conditions in any season. Currently, both external and interior advertisements that filled the market, more and more difficult to solve the basic dilemma – attraction attention, as in the abyss of bright, multi-colored posters, billboards and banners pretty hard to stand out and make advertising not only eye-catching, but also memorable. Significant superiority of large-format printing: Extremely convenient and affordable form of outdoor advertising, high-quality transmission of any image on vast areas, high image quality, a wide range of prices, Photographic quality, huge range use: from outdoor advertising to interior design to overestimate the importance of making outdoor advertising is very difficult, because almost all objects that are fenced on all sides by modern man, so any way connected with advertising.