Hull Immobilizer

Many think the best way to protect your car from being stolen, it is better to install car alarm or immobilizer? It has its pluses and minuses. Let's start with the car alarm. Car alarm is a device that does not only protects the car against theft, but also provides some comfort to the owner: for example, can open and close locks the car with the remote control car alarm, start the engine (auto), close windows and sunroof car when arming the alarm owner and others in an attempt to penetrate into the car, open the trunk. But all this is a comfort and a minus, you can scan the car alarm and disarm without owner. Visit Ebay for more clarity on the issue. In some new models, car alarm systems, is excluded scanning method, which is used hijackers, this car alarm starline dialog. In this interactive car alarm system used code that can not be scan. So the only negative is already beginning to fall. This car alarm supports all the advanced features, including auto-start.

Immobilizer does not carry the comfort features, but very well protected car theft. Immobiliser not scan as opposed to car alarms, due to the fact that the range of the immobilizer is not as large as a car alarm. Immobilizer can be controlled by special label, which is always the owner, and without it we can start the engine, or using an electronic key. The most important thing is the availability of wireless immobilizer engine immobilizer, which hiding somewhere in the car and does not start the engine, its presence speaks of quality-of immobilizer. Some car alarm immobilizer and you can connect additional wireless blocking relay. Wireless lock immobilizer equipped Basta and Black bug, these immobilizers installed on cars of any class and sophistication. Many insurance companies do not insure the car on Hull system without the installation of these immobilizers, and that says a lot.

Immobilizer can be done with different types of locks, if for example, installed car alarm on a car with auto engine, engine immobilizer locks only at the time of the car. In this article, we can see that the joint installation of car alarm and immobilizer or does not interfere with their work together, which is to protect the vehicle against theft. So will no harm, if effectively protect the vehicle from theft is to install a mechanical interlock such as CPR or lock the lock on the steering wheel. Mechanical means of protection are very good at this task.