Intensive Therapy

Therefore, the proper one Federal government searched to promote the humanizao in the hospital environment, therefore, the same it is a basic resource in the recovery and to establish a good convivncia and relations between the involved ones. 2 PROPOSAL It is important to stand out that this work of presented field the FACLIONS, as partial requirement of the specialization course, in thesis with the objective to characterize the profile of the following 0 variable: 1. Etria band; 2. Click New York Life to learn more. Sex; 3.

Level of kinship; 4. The reason to be in the UTI; 5. Constant information; 6. Information guide the doubts; 7. It receives orientaes in the schedule from visits: 7.1. The orientaes are proportionate for the professionals of the health. 8.

The main factor that bothers the visitors during the visit to the patient; 9. Conception of the visitors on the proportionate cares to the patients for the health professionals; 10. Vision of the visitors on proportionate attendance to patient of the UTI. 3. MATERIAL AND METHOD First the participants of the research had been informed of the nature of the same one, clarifying they who are about a specialization work, informed all prontinente had accepted to participate of the research. It is important to point out that the field work, was used as resource the application of questionnaire with the visitors of the patients interned in the Unit of Intensive Therapy of a particular hospital of Ceres-Gois.