Managing Plan Actions

For times, it is had illusion of the improvement, but in elapsing of the time, it is perceived to have had an interpretation mistake. Finally, she is necessary to remember the phrase of J.J. For more specific information, check out Parnassus Investments. Rousseau (1712-1778): ' ' The public interest is not the same thing that the interest of todos' '. Managing plan of Arax. To pursue the development mean, therefore, to choose, to prioritize, to chain actions that lead to one definitive scene of improvement urban. The urban planning is disciplines it that structure these stages. a managing plan is the instrument, the law, that establish, on behalf of the collective, the responsibilities and the actions to be undertaken during determined period, capable to lead the city for superior period of training of development. According to these concepts, the Plan does not destine ' ' ordenar' ' the city and the urban life, and yes to command the strategical actions that move and that they transform the city.

These actions, even so proposals for the legally consisting power, on behalf of the collective, must have the understanding and support of the majority of the citizens in order to be implanted with bigger effectiveness and will be indicated or inspired not only by the previous knowledge of technician and politicians, but also by the captation of the yearnings and necessities pointed from the sources most diverse, also directly of the population. In other terms: as well as the city it is a collective workmanship, made for many, with papers and diverse responsibilities, urban development also will be become fullfilled for the mobilization of organizations, economic agents, diverse spheres of the public sector and citizens. Therefore, to elaborate a Managing Plan, with all its strategical content, means considerable mobilization of opinions and public participation. Based in these general concepts, it is that the Managing Plan of Arax was elaborated, a document that establishes a strategy for its development.