Media Recognition

The degree of legitimacy of an institution, in one determined social space, depends on the degree of this recognition. The legitimacy if of the one for the internal recognition, the members of the institution, as well as of that it not pertencem' '. Extending this reasoning, one becomes necessary to add that in search of this recognition to the institutions they appeal to the celebrity ' ' Religioso&#039 marketing; ' losing its process of secularizao, and constructing one dominant representation of the social world, many times if opposing the other dominant opinions through the medias. ' ' The proper object of the religious activity consists of prescribed the relations of the supernatural forces with homens' ' (In: MARTINO, 2003, P. 27).

The searching Luis Mauro Martino (2003), in its book ' ' Media and power simblico' ' they intitle as ' ' religion fast-food' ' the new religious profiles that are appearing; they are priests singers who celebrate ' ' showmissas' ' , evanglicos leaders who also sing and use themselves of the media for opening of other businesses, as temples, sites, reviewed etc. and thus lose the old ones estimated; as for example: ' ' The especificidade of any religious institution is the definition of what it must be understood as sacred. When the fidiciary offices are born, already they find the practical beliefs and of its religious life done (DURKHEIM, 1995 p.02). 3.Cd? s, Dvd? s and other products that they stimulate to the consumption. It has more than three centuries the capitalism comes modifying everything to our redor, and the incessant search for money comes if becoming a race without end. Modern authors as Linhares and Pereira (2006), if dirigem to the consumption as ' ' cura' ' the diverse types of presented reactions. One perceives that the consumption culture produces a vast variety of signs, images and symbols.