Merchant Marine

It would take a whole volume to describe the jobs and routines that seafarers in their respective ranks are responsible and I suggest you read alternative literature (if you can find any) or join! Seafarers in short have much to do at sea and suffer as a result! The Merchant Navy today is improving in stature and size in the UK. Slowly and over time can grow once again a force to be recognized and understood and respected by the general population. Gone are the days when a captain was a respected figure in the community, but perhaps someday be able to lift head up not to hide under the lie of being a “salesman.” One day Marine Engineers shall be respected as highly qualified experts and not classified in the same level as a car mechanic school directly. Maybe someday everyone will realize that being at sea does not mean a “woman in every port” and that often nowadays seafarers are no longer able to abandon ship in time to board. Maybe one day seafarers will be able to go ashore and tell people what they do not have an answer blank or a dumb thing like “oh, the MTC is fishing?” O “that’s good, is do a good job of protecting the coasts. ” The reason for creating a website for the written word of the sea can now be a bit more logical than landlubber “.” In fact, there is a whole world out there that remains unknown to everyone. A diverse and interesting world filled with cultural shock and intrigue and the site is to be hoped that all readers better understand mass and knowledge in this world. Merchant Marine and sailing in the boat merecenmucho more recognition and respect they receive to date. So maybe through this web site all will change, and soon the officers and crew of ships passing through its many shops may lift their heads high and shout “we are in the Merchant Marine.” And all who hear them understand and respect people who are part of what was the largest industry in which Britain can claim.