President Morales

The Media Luna, of Bolivia’s richest provinces, have rebelled against the Government of Evo Morales. You have unilaterally declared autonomous, have taken public buildings, have blocked roads and have starred in acts of vandalism and attacks. Thirty people have died. But it all started in late 2007. Then the pretext was which city should be capital, La Paz or Sucre. And they faced poor against poor. They have now been provinces Santa Cruz, Pando, Tarija, Cochabamba and Beni, provinces in the hands of a white minority that concentrates the majority of wealth.

Bolivia is formed by the Andean altiplano of poor indigenous majority (more than 62% of inhabitants) and a low Earth to the East, where the white minority lives and the mestizo population. If this minority already have most of the country’s wealth, what now? As the gangster Johnny Rocco in the Cayo Largo film, he wants more. Stay with most of benefits of the gas and oil that the Government of President Morales has recovered for Bolivia; prevent land reform that would return land to millions of Indians, because they want them to grow soybeans, export and earn even more. They have rebelled against the Government that increased tax revenues for oil $ 340 million and has devoted to reproductive health, health coverage for children and seniors 60 years, rural health clinics, two million hectares distributed among poor peasants have rebelled against a Government that tries to be fair to that 62% of Indians away from welfare and justice for half a Millennium. The rebels say feel discriminated against by this Government for being white. What cynicism! Who gave a punch on the nose accuses the hit of assaulting his fist with the nose. But, in addition to occupy official buildings, cut roads and star in uproar with deaths, white rebels spread rumors of non-existent indigenous groups who take what is ours and kill white people.