The Sink

The girl still had another dream, it forgot itself and alone I remembered myself now, was of one day to arrive in a pretty house, at least two distinct cmodos, and to find a sofa and a television set colored, and a kitchen with refrigerator and stove, sink, table and chairs, especially the chairs, never had had chairs, it still wanted a bed where it could sleep, and a luxury bathroom alone its full one! With pious cold floor and for the hands, and a hot shower. Clearly that the girl had a house where to live, and by the way liveed with its namorada, although to feel itself so alone and oppressing that the times if forgot that loved its also took care of of it, and that the accounts were many, but that being the two side by side, they divided the accounts of the month. But the house, on of the house of the mother-in-law, did not pass of a workmanship, from above part of a house that still this in construction. They liveed thus in only cmodo very small still in the block, the wiring displayed, the sink to the side of the bed, and to its side the rusted refrigerator who earned of a stranger, and the stove also rusted, the oven did not function, but the mouths still were good, and thanks to god or would have that to buy another one, it had yes a bathroom but nothing compared with luzo that dreamed, its bathroom was in the block, did not have window, but only the hole of the opened window, were very difficult of cleaning and it never seemed to be clean of truth. It still dreamed, this when it dared to dream in such a way, its refrigerator full of fruits imagined. Girl still remembered when its parents could use themselves in such a way the flavor of the pear, and the perfume of apples, he even remembered the acid one of the pineapple and of the jaca.