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To make money with an idea for Internet How to know if an Idea is Commercially viable in Internet? Analyses FODA the small opportunities are the beginning of great companies. Demstenes 352 a. C. In the traditional trade a technique exists that denominates analysis FODA. FODA is apcope of: Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Threats.

These words are used to establish strategies and the viability of the companies in relation to the market and to the demand for a product or service. You can apply analysis FODA in your business online she wishes when it, but she is recommended to do it when its business still is an idea; this way we will have the advantage of knowing how viable is an idea to take it to the field of the businesses in Internet without of having established you rule more important to confront the commercial project without failing before the niche of chosen market and its particularitities. In order to make analysis FODA it only must take a pencil and a paper (or the notepad of its PC) and to write down its idea, next must place: Strengths: In this description it will have to indicate as they are those Strengths on which it will count its business online. They can be varied, from the fast attention to its own experience. Basically, one is how original, different and applicable it is its idea with respect to which already they exist. (Cercirese of which their idea is sufficiently creative, innovating, jeopardizes with the ethically sensible quality and to be able to soon resist it with the other points of the analysis) Opportunities: The basic questions of this description are: What opportunities of success have this idea? Where? Exists market? In order to respond them it must face the idea of his business from all the possible perspective, to managing to clarify the opportunities that it will have and offer before the chosen niche.