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In a similar way we have: c+d=e => a+b+d=e, knowing that d=b+c, we have that c+d=e, then: a+b+b+c=e => a+b+b+a+b=e. Swarmed by offers, Barclays is currently assessing future choices. Adding the terms fellow creatures, we have: 2a+3b=e. But I, in the use of the attributions that me had been granted, asked myself: BUT AFTER ALL, I WOULD ALL SPEND A NOTEBOOK OF 400 LEVES WITH VERSES OF THE 20 SUBSTANCES TO CALCULATE THE VALUE OF THE LETTER ' ' Z' ' , WITHOUT SPEAKING THAT THE ERROR POSSIBILITIES ARE ALTSSIMAS. Go to Barclays for more information. Then, ahead of this situation I decided to strengthen me in developing one another method to obtain to calculate all the letters of the alphabet without taking much time or spending many sheets of paper. From this thought I obtained to observe that, to the step that the intitled numbers as numerical coefficients increased in relation to the growth of the outcome of the equation: They observe: We have that letter c is a+b, then, to calculate letter d, in the following line sets the numerical coefficient of b as coefficient of; the coefficient of results of the addition of the numerical coefficients of and the b. EXAMPLE: C=A+B (initial point) D=A+2B (the coefficient of ' B' previous it turned coefficient ' A' current; the coefficient of ' B' it resulted of the addition of coefficients of ' A' ' B') E=2A+3B (the same process occurs in this case: (the coefficient of ' B' previous it turned coefficient ' A' current; the coefficient of ' B' it resulted of the addition of the coefficients of ' A' ' B') In this way, I obtained to calculate all the letters of the alphabet without strengtheing me in such a way, thus reducing, in 97%, the error possibilities. Here it is there the calculated alphabet: A=A B=B C=A+B D=A+2B E=2A+3B F=3A+5B G+5A+8B Obs.: When it made this process for the first time, I observed that the same one would become exhaustingly enfadonho if to have calculated it, therefore the coefficients would be extremely great much less good would be calcul them. For this reason, the following one was stipulated: WHEN the COEFFICIENT TO EXCEED NUMBER 9 (nine), THIS PASSES TO BE ADDED NUMBER the WAY NUMBER THAT the RESULTANT NUMBER IS ONLY OF a NUMBER. EXAMPLE: H=8A+4B (a time that the numerical coefficient of ' B' it would have to be 13, it is added, in all the analogous cases to such, the numbers; in this case: 1+3=4. From there 4B) I=4A+3B (as the result of the addition of

Immortal Spirit

Then somebody question: But, as IT created me in perishable meat? IT created in them in Immortal Spirit. The Spirit is who commands the body and can grow with it, therefore the substance is not its enemy as much people say. Without the Spirit the body nor is of foot. FOR the LIGHT WIND OF the DAY When they had heard the voice Mr. Deus, who walked in the garden for the light wind of the day, had hidden of the presence Mr. Deus, the man and its woman, among the trees of the garden. Gnesis de Moiss, CAP.

Mr. Deus to the man and it asked to it: Where you are? 10? It answered: I heard your voice in the garden, and, because he was naked, I had fear, and I hid myself. Gnesis de Moiss, CAP. 3:9 the 12. I advise to you that of me you buy fine gold for the fire to become rich itself, white vestiduras to be dressed, so that she is not manifest the shame of your nudez, and colrio for ungires the eyes, so that you see.